How to install Table of Contents extension


To use this extension, you need to purchase it from our website.

For our clients’ convenience, we provide a free installation service of our extensions.

You can also install an extension by yourself if you like. It is rather simple, use the following instructions.

Step 1. Unarchive the downloaded zip file.

There will be 3 files:

  • toc-min.js
  • toc.css

Step 2. In Guide, click on the "Customize design" icon in the sidebar.

The Theming center page opens.


Step 3. Click the theme you want to edit to open it.


Step 4. Click the "Edit code" button.


Step 5. In the Assets section, click Add asset, then browse to select your files. 


Select all *.js and *.css files from unpacked zip.  The files are added to your list of asset files.


Step 6. In your theme code configuration page under the templates directory, click the document_head.hbs  file.

The file content is displayed.


Step 7. In the document_head.hbs file, paste the following snippet

<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{asset 'toc.css'}}" />
<script src="{{asset 'toc-min.js'}}"></script>


Step 8. Click Publish. The table of contents navigation is displayed in articles.

Configuration options

Options can be passed to the data-toc attribute as a valid JSON object.

Name Type Default Description
articleBody String [data-article] The CSS selector with article content. It will be used to find heading
headers String h1, h2, .wysiwyg-font-size-x-large, .wysiwyg-font-size-large The CSS selectors are used to identify headings.
title String Table of contents A title that displays on the top. The empty string removes the title.
offsetTop Number 40 The offset from the top of the screen.
hideIfLabel String null If the article has a label name specified in this option, the Table of Contents will be hidden. You need to pass a list of the current article label names in the lables option.
showIfLabel String null If the article has a label name specified in this option, the Table of Contents will be displayed. The Table of Contents will be hidden in other articles without this label name. You need to pass a list of the current article label names in the lables option.
labels String null Comma-separated list of the article label names.
showEmptyBlock Boolean false Displays the empty Table of Contents if none of headings are found
isFixed Boolean true Makes the Table of contents to be sticky when scrolling

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